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Lots of exclusive resources

Bitter Winter collects news leads from the public, and our reporters visit the scenes of the events to obtain first-hand materials and reports, including an inside look at transformation through education camps in Xinjiang, scenes of the forced demolitions of churches and church crosses, and confidential documents detailing the Chinese government’s crackdown on religious belief, and other precious materials.

Authoritative human rights experts analyze in depth

Bitter Winter regularly invites authoritative human rights figures, experts and scholars from around the world to conduct exclusive interview, to provides readers with a true account and in-depth analysis of the Chinese government’s persecution of religious belief.

Anti-Refugees “Demonstrations” in South Korea: The Real Story

Anti-Refugees “Demonstrations” in South Korea: The Real Story

On September 2–4, 2018, Austrian journalist Peter Zoehrer was an eyewitness to false “spontaneous demonstrations” staged by the CCP and Korean anti-cultists against asylum seekers of The Church of Almighty God in Seoul. He tells the whole story to Bitter Winter.

“Uyghurs Are Forced to Denounce Their Faith to Survive”

“Uyghurs Are Forced to Denounce Their Faith to Survive”

Uyghur human rights scholar and activist Zubayra Shamseden tells Bitter Winter that CCP sees all Uyghur as enemies, is engaged in the largest detention of an ethnic group since World War II, and has now extended its repression to other Muslim minorities.


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